Ashanti Region Inter-School

Ashanti Region Inter-School

Day 2 results: Defending champions, KUHIS missed out, Tepa, Aduman, KOSS and others to Milo Championship
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Day 2: Ashanti Regional Inter School and College Boys Soccer Competition formerly 'Milo games' Qualification.

By: Bright Yeboah Taylor 'BYT' of Pure FM, Kumasi.

Eight (8) schools have secured their qualification on day 2 to be part of the already 8 schools who booked their tickets for the round of 32 on day 1. 

The round of 32 stage which is the main tournament has been scheduled to take place between Monday, 4th July and Friday, 8th July 2022 at the Kumasi Baba Yara Sports Stadium. 

Sixteen (16) Schools already booked their ticket and left with 16 more schools. 

Group 9
Bodomase SHS

Group 10
Konongo-Odumase SHS

Group 11
Aduman SHS

Group 12
Juaben SHS

Group 13
Jacobu Sec/Tech

Group 14
St Jerome SHS - Offinso- Abofour

Group 15
Tepa SHS

Group 16
Osei Kyeretwie (OKESS) SHS

NB: After a tie or a draw, penalty kicks are taken. The winner gets 2 points and the loser gets 1 point.

Group 9
Date: Friday, 24th June 2022
Venue: Kumasi Anglican Shs Park.

St. Joseph Seminary Shs
Tijjaniya Shs
Bodomase Sec/Tech √

NB: St Joseph Seminary SHS from Asante Mampong has filed a protest against 4 players of Bodomase Sec/Tech for using fake index numbers. 

1st game
KNUST 0-0 St Joseph
St Joseph won 4-3 on penalties.

2nd game
Bodomase Sec/Tech 0-0 Tijjaniya Shs
Bodomase won 4-3 on penalties

3rd game
KNUST 1-1 Bodomase 
KNUST won 4-3 on penalties

4th game
St Joseph 2-0 Tijjaniya 

5th game
Bodomase SHS 2-0 St Joseph

6th game
KNUST 1-0 Tijjaniya 

1. Bodomase Sec/Tech - 6 +2 pts
2. KNUST - 6 pts +1
3. St Joseph - 5 pts +2
4. Tijjaniya SHS - 1 pt

Group 10
Date: Friday, 24th June 2022
Venue: Prempeh College 

Konongo-Odumase Shs √
Akwasi Awobaa Shs
Ejuraman Shs
Nsutaman Catholic Shs

1st game
Konongo-Odumase 1-0 Ejuraman

2nd game
Ejuraman 1-2 Nsutaman

3rd game
Konongo-Odumase 2-0 Nsutaman

1. Konongo-Odumase - 6 pts
2. Nsutaman Catholic - 3 pts
3. Ejuraman SHS - 0
4. Akwasi Awobaa - did not show up

Group 11
Date: Friday, 24th June 2022v
Venue: Kumasi Girls' Shs Park.

Kumasi Sports Academy
Aduman Shs √
Dwenti College
Agona SDA

1st game
Aduman SHS 3-0 Agona SDA

2nd game
Dwenti 1-0 Agona SDA

3rd game
Dwenti 0-2 Aduman SHS

NB: Kumasi Sports Academy couldn't show up leaving the group to three schools.

1. Aduman SHS - 6 pts
2. Dwenti - 3 pts
3. Agona SDA - 0
4. Sports Academy - Did not show up. 

Group 12
Date: Friday, 24th June 2022
Venue: Our Lady of Grace (OLAG) Shs Park.

Juaben Shs √
Spiritan Shs
Kofiase SDA Shs
Uthmaniya Shs

Group 13
Date: Friday, 24th June 2022
Venue: Osei (OKESS) Shs Park

Mankranso Shs
Tweapease Shs 
Ghana Muslim Mission
Konadu Yiadom Shs 
Jacobu Sec/Tech √

Group 14
Date: Friday, 24th June 2022
Venue: Opoku Ware School (OWASS) Park.

Kumasi High School
Sekyeredumase Shs
St. Jerome Shs √
Denyaseman SHS

Kumasi High 2-0 Sekyeredumasi SHS

St Jerome 2-0 Sekyeredumasi

St Jerome 1-0 Kumasi High School

1. St Jerome SHS - 6 pts
2. Kumasi High School - 3 pts
3. Sekyeredumasi - 0

Group 15
Date: Friday, 24th June 2022
Venue: Armed Forces Shs Park

Bosomtwe Oyoko Shs
Tepa Shs √
Adventist Shs, Kumasi
Sabronum Methodist Shs

1st game
Sabronum 0-1 Bosomtwe Oyoko

2nd game
Tepa SHS 0-0 Adventist, Kumasi
Tepa won 2-1 on penalties 

3rd game
Adventist 1-1 Sabronum Methodist
Sabronum won 3-0 on penalties

4th game
Tepa SHS 1-0 Bosomtwe Oyoko

5th game
Adventist SHS 1-0 Bosomtwe Oyoko

6th game
Tepa SHS 1-0 Sabronum Methodist

1. Tepa SHS - 8 pts
2. Adventist SHS, Ksi - 5 pts
3. Bosomtwe Oyoko SHS - 3 pts
4. Sabronum SHS - 2 pts

Group 16
Date: Friday, 24th June 2022
Venue: Kumasi Academy (KUMACA) Park

Osei Kyeretwie (OKESS) Shs √
Mansoman Shs
J.A Kuffour Shs
Achinakrom Shs

1st game.
Achinakrom SHS 0-1 OKESS

2nd game
J.A Kuffour SHS 1-0 Mansoman SHS

3rd game
OKESS 3-0 Mansoman SHS

4th game
J.A Kuffour SHS 2-1 Achinakrom 

5th game
Achinakrom 1-0 Mansoman SHS

6th game
OKESS 1-0 J.A Kuffour SHS

1. OKESS - 9 points
2. J.A Kuffour SHS - 6 pts
3. Achinakrom SHS - 3 pts
4. Mansoman SHS - 0

Credit to Raph Sarkodie for the results. 


The following schools have so far qualified from the various centres in the SHS Soccer competitions 

1. Mpasatia SHS
2. Tweneboah Kodua SHS
3. Owass
4. O Sec Tech
5. St Michael SHS
6. Adu Gyamfi SHS
7. Agona Sec Tech
8. Toase SHS
9. Okess
10. Koss
11. Tepa SHS
12. Aduman SHS
13. St. Jerome
14. Jacobu SHS
15. Juaben SHS
16. Bodomase SHS

16 more teams are expected to join on Monday and Tuesday

By: Bright Yeboah Taylor 'BYT'

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