Fabulous ladies vs  Ampem Darkoa ladies

Fabulous ladies vs Ampem Darkoa ladies

2020-21 GHANA WOMEN'S PREMIER LEAGUE PREVIEW: Fabulous ladies vs Ampem Darkoa Ladies
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PREVIEW: Fabulous ladies vs  Ampem Darkoa ladies

The mother of all women's clubs, Fabulous Ladies FC  host the defending champions, Ampem Darkoa Ladies at Wesley College of Education Park (WESCO) in Kumasi today. 

By: Isaac Amponsah (.Dr. Ike) and Bright Yeboah Taylor (byt)

Head to head  in the League Since 2012-13

2012/2013 League 
Week 2
21st December 2012

Fabulous Ladies 3-2 Ampem Darkoa ladies 

2nd round
Week 9
2nd March 2013
Ampem Darkoa 1-0 Fabulous ladies

2013/14 league 
Week 1
8th December 2013
Ampem Darkoa 0-0 Fabulous ladies

2nd round
13th April 2014 

Fabulous Ladies 4-0 Ampem Darkoa ladies 
Scorers, Anita Amankwaa brace, Agnes Aduako brace .

2015 league 
18th April 2015
Week 1
Fabulous Ladies 1-1 Ampem Darkoa ladies 

2nd round
19th July 2015
Week 10
Ampem Darkoa 3-2 Fabulous ladies

2016 league 

7th May 2016
Fabulous Ladies 4-0 Ampem Darkoa ladies 

2nd round
17th July 2016
Ampem Darkoa 2-1 Fabulous ladies

2017 season league
Week 7
25th June 2017
Fabulous ladies 2-2 Ampem Darkoa

2nd round
22nd July 2017
Week 8
Ampem Darkoa 1-1 Fabulous ladies

League meetings since  2012-2013 season = 10

Fabulous ladies wins - 3
Goals scored - 18
Ampem Darkoa wins- 3
Goals scored  - 12
Drawn games - 4

At Fabulous Ladies Home

5 games played

Fabulous Ladies wins - 3

Goals scored - 14

Ampem Darkoa wins- 0

Goals scored - 5

Drawn Games - 2

NOTE : Truncated leagues cannot be added to Official League Meetings since it was declared Null and Void.

2018 Season (Truncated)

1st round

Day 2

7th April 2018

Fabulous Ladies 0-0 Ampem Darkoa

2019-20 season (Truncated)

2nd February 2020

Day 3

Fabulous Ladies 1-1 Ampem Darkoa

Princess Owusu //  Yanyimaya N. Gnabekan

NASCO Player of the Match  - Yanyimaya N Gnabekan (Ampem Darkoa Ladies).

Ampem Darkoa ladies are yet to beat Fabulous Ladies in a league game in Kumasi since 21st December 2012.

Ampem Darkoa have managed just a win over Fabulous Ladies on the road in an FA cup preliminary stage in 2017.They won 2-1 on 27th May 2017. They lost 4-3 on penalties after 2-2 draw in Kumasi in the same competition in a Semi Finals on 27th August 2016.

Fabulous Ladies FC have won the Zonal Championship on Two occasions (2012-13 & 2013-14) and have been runner-un twice at the National Championship level since the introduction of the Women's Premier League in 2012-13. They lost all the two titles to Hasaacas Ladies.

Fabulous Ladies have failed to beat Ampem Darkoa Ladies in All competitions since 2016. 

Ampem Darkoa Ladies have won the Zonal Championship on Three occasions and have won the National title twice. (2016 & 2017). They lost their maiden finals to Hasaacas Ladies in 2015 at Tema Sports Stadium. They were beaten by a lone goal. Courtesy of Samira Suleman on the 69th min.ute. 

Credit: Isaac Amponsah. (Dr Ike), Director of Communications for Berekum Chelsea [0208710190/0243740091] and Bright Yeboah Taylor of Pure Fm Fm (0207663366)

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